Debit Card Does not Support Recurring Payments

Debit Card Does not Support Recurring Payments

There can be a certain type of Debit Cards that do not support recurring payments which can not be used to activate a subscription. 
In scenarios like this, we at Calley recommend you to do the following. 
  1. See if you can use an alternative Credit Card as the Free Trial Activation will need a Card (Debit or Credit) to support recurring payments. 
  2. Try using Paypal as a mode of payment instead of Credit / Debit Cards. 
If both of the above solutions are not workable then you can buy the Calley Subscription directly thru the link below. 

Please note:
This will be a direct purchase and the amounts will be deducted at the time you conclude your sale.
Subscription thru this link will not provide you a Free Trial to the software. 
A Free Trial is possible only if your card allows recurring payments.  

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