Does this include Unlimited Mins?

Does this include Unlimited Mins?

Using Calley has 2 different options for making outbound calls. 
  1. Calley Automatic Call Dialer

    In this all the calls are routed thru the GSM sim card of your phone.
    You are not charged for any outbound calls by Calley. 
    Any charges for an outbound call will be same what your service provider will charge you otherwise. 
  2. Calley VOIP 

    In this case you are connecting Calley to an SIP provider.
    SIP providers will be charging you for using their internet telephony system to make outbound calls. 
    There are no per minute charges you pay to Calley.
So as you see in both the cases you are not paying any per minute charges to Calley. Calley comes at a flat fee with no Hidden Costs. 
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