Getting Started with Calley Personal Plan

Getting Started with Calley Personal Plan


This is a Quick Setup Guide for you to start AutoDialing using Calley Personal - Free for Life plan
Calley Autodialer allows you to AutoDial right from your Android and iOS phone.
It sets a Call Center on your mobile phone and you can manage the Calling List (numbers you want to call right from your laptop / desktop).

What Can Calley Do?

You can do the following to Automate your Outbound Calling Workflow in a Calley Personal Plan. 
  1. Create a List to call automatically, this list is created on the secure Web Panel using a CSV file.  
  2. Download the Calley Mobile App and install them in your phone. 
  3. Call the numbers automatically so that you can speak to the leads rather than dialling them. 

What can Calley NOT Do?

Calley since its inception was created to help businesses automate their outbound and inbound calling processes. There are a few things that Calley can not do. 
  1. Send out Recorded Voice Messages to the numbers. 
  2. Since the numbers are Dialled from the Mobile Phone it can not dial multiple numbers at one time. 
  3. The next call is initiated when the present call is Finished. 

What are the Different Calling Modes supported by Calley Personal Plan?

Calley Personal Plan is Free for life and supports only one type of Dialling Mode i.e. Standard Mode
  1. The call gets initiated from the mobile phone.
  2. As an agent, you can speak to the lead on the call.
  3. As the call is finished you hang up and the app takes you to Post Call Feedback Page to define Call Disposition.
  4. As you save or skip disposition you are taken to the next call automatically. 

Step by Step Guide for Setup

Please follow the steps below to start using Calley ACD for your outbound dialing process. 
To start you will need a 
  1. A Mobile Phone - Android or iOS to make calls. 
  2. A Laptop / Desktop to manage lead data and reporting. 
  3. An Active Internet Connection. 

Calley Process on Computer

The setup process starts with your registration to Calley Autodialer. 

Step 1 - To Register for a Free account on - Click Here

Step 2 - If you are already registered - Click Here to Login. 

Step 3 - As you log in you are taken to the Setup Dashboard.

Step 4 - You can switch to Reporting Dashboard by clicking the toggle icon. 

Step 5 - To create a Calling List go to the Top navigation bar > Calling List > Add List - Standard Import

Step 6 - As you reach Standard Import Page you can provide a List name of your choice. 

Step 7 - As a list is created you can Add Numbers Manually or In Bulk using CSV. 

Step 8 - If you want to add numbers manually you can do so by providing Name, Number & Notes for the number you wish to call. 

Step 9 - If you want to add a list of multiple numbers you can do that by clicking - Add Numbers in Bulk. 

Step 10 - Reaching on the Add Numbers page you can download the Sample CSV File - Click Here.

Step 11 - CSV is a type of XLS file and you can open it in MS Excel, Google Sheets, or in OpenOffice. Add numbers you wish to call in the CSV file and ensure that it does not have any special characters. Only allowed special characters are + (plus sign) and - (hyphen). Save the file on your computer. 

Step 12 - On the page choose the file from your computer to upload and press OK. 

Step 13 - As you upload the CSV file the numbers are loaded on your Web Panel and you are ready to make calls. 

Calley Process on Mobile 

As the loading to numbers is finished on the laptop you can now visit the mobile to start making calls. 

Step 1 - Download the Mobile App if it is still not there on your mobile by Clicking Here. 

Step 2 - Log in to the Mobile App with the same username and password that you created at the time of registering your account on the web panel. 

Step 3 - Once logged in you are bought to the Dashboard. On the dashboard click on Red Button - Start Calling.

Step 4 - It will give you selection of Calling Lists to choose. Click on the Arrow to load numbers. 

Step 5 - As the numbers are loaded the Dashboard shows how many calls are Pending, Done or Scheduled for a future date. You can click on Start Calling button now. 

Step 6 - Calley App will show you the Mode selection, since you are in Calley Personal plan you can only use Standard Mode. 

Step 7 - It will dial the number for you. You can skip call or load another list if you want on this step.  

Step 8 - As the call is finished the Calley App prompts you Post Call Feedback Screen to update Call Dispositions. 

Step 9 - On this screen you can update Disposition to make new call.

Step 10 - OR Leave the Call Notes empty to go to next call.

Step 11 - OR Add this number to DND.

Step 12 - OR Redial the number again. 

Step 13 - OR Schedule a call back in future. 

Step 12 - As you save your action the app takes you to next call. 

Step 13 - You can follow these steps for all the numbers in your list and Calley App keeps on updating them in the Web Panel as well as on the Mobile App. 


We hope that you are clear with setting up your Calley Personal Account. If you need further assistance in setting up your Calley Account for the first time you can write to us on or Request a demo

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