Trying to upload a CSV file but I keep getting an error?

Trying to upload a CSV file but I keep getting an error?

The reason due to which you might face an error in uploading the CSV file could be the following.
  1. Your CSV file has special characters in the name.
    Special characters like commas, single quote, hash etc can cause the server to consider your file as a junk or virus files due to which it can get rejected. It is best that you follow a simple naming convention for your CSV file that you upload on the server. 

  2. Fields in your file have extra commas.
    Since it is a CSV (Comma-separated values) any commas in the fields will make the data inconsistent. Ensure you have removed commas and special characters from your values fields (name, contact, and reason) in the CSV. 
If you still face issues with your file send it to us on and we will ensure that it gets uploaded in your panel. 
We will return back to you with a video on why it was not getting uploaded correctly in the first go and any other tips you need to keep in mind while creating the CSV file for the next campaign. 

P.S. We provide this support for all subscriptions Calley Personal, PRO or TEAMS. 
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