Using Calley can i Call using Desktop?

Using Calley can i Call using Desktop?

Calley Auto Dialer App has 2 parts.
  1. A Web Panel - Through which you load numbers that you wish to call. 
  2. A Mobile app - That is installed on your mobile phone to do outbound calls. 
All the calls are routed thru your mobile phone but you can still use it on your desktop to make calls. 

To make calls using Calley from your desktop you will need an extension called Vysor. 
You can download it from

What it will do is Simulate your phone screen on your desktop/laptop and you can operate your mobile phone using your mouse. 

This is the same extension used by us when we create training videos for you on Calley Website / Blog.
Check out the 2-minute challenge video to see it in action. 

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