What is Mark as DND in Calley Auto Dialer App?

What is Mark as DND in Calley Auto Dialer App?

So let’s say you are a part of a team who is making outbound sales calls. 

You got data from a source which is unfiltered but you still want to use the same for your outbound campaign.
You already have a subscription to a service that provides you a list of Do not Call or Do not Disturb numbers
One of your team member accidently calls a number that is subscribed to a Do not DIsturb registry.
The person called politely asks your not to disturb him again for the service ytou might be selling. 

Now in all the above scenario’s you know that one thing is TRUE to the fact. 
You are here to make a sale or win an appointment not to offend anyone. 

In a scenario like this as your agent finishes a call to realise that the number should not be called by anyone in your team you can mark that number as DND. 
It will be added to a list of not to call numbers which even if makes back to one of your list due to a manual error will not be called by the Calley Auto Dialer thus saving you from any consequenses coming out of calling a DND number in the list. 

By default the DND List is empty which you can populate manually from the Calley Web Panel as well as sequentially from the Calley Auto Dialer App.

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