Quick Setup Guide for Calley Automatic Call Dialer

Quick Setup Guide for Calley Automatic Call Dialer

Calley Automatic Call Dialer has 2 parts. 

  1. A Web Panel through which you can load numbers and manage data. - Link
  2. A Mobile app through which you can do calls. - Link 
If you have subscribed to Calley Personal Plan, please follow the steps below in the same order so that you can start with your first calling campaign in minutes.

2. Open your Dashboard

3. Go to Call List on the Top Navigation Bar

4. Add a New List and give it the desired name 

5. Choose Add Numbers in Bulk

7. Add numbers to your CSV file. Please ensure that you do not use special characters in the mobile numbers. Only allowed special characters in the Phone field are plus (+) and hyphens (-). Save this file on your computer. 

8. Choose the file on the page and click on Upload

9. This will upload the numbers on our CSV file to your Web Panel. 

11. Once the app is downloaded login to the same on your phone using the username and password you created for your web panel

12. Once you are on the Dashboard sync calls by clicking - SYNC FROM WEB PANEL

13. Choose the Call List you want to load and click LOAD NUMBERS TO CALL (In Calley Personal you only have 1 call list you can create).

14. As the numbers are loaded on your dashboard click START CALLING button. You can at all time see the number of calls done, pending or scheduled from your dashboard

15. Select your preferred mode of calling. Click here for Detailed information about Calling Modes 


16. Once you click START CALLING it will call the first number in the list connect it and you can speak to that person. 

17. As you finish your call you are bought to the Post Call Feedback Page to key in actions to be taken after this call. 

18. You can click on the NEXT CALL button to proceed to the next call on the List. Calley Keeps a track of calls you have made in Call History.

17. Calls pending in your list via Call Directory.

18. You can even schedule a call back to be done on a lead in future using the Post Call Feedback Page.

19. You can see calls Scheduled in the future by visiting the Scheduled Calls Section.

If you need further assistance do write to us on support@getcalley.com

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