What is the Power Import Feature?

What is the Power Import Feature?


We built Power Import Feature to solve 3 purposes.
  1. To do away with any said format of a CSV file.
  2. To allow a user to add more than 3 fields in the import.
  3. To allow a user/team admin to upload up to 100,000 numbers in a single file. 
Power Import can support up to 10 fields in your CSV file.

How to do a Power Import

Power Import is available to Calley PRO & TEAMS subscribers only.
  1. To use Power Import you need to login to your web panel.

  2.  Click on "Call List" in the top navigation bar. 

  3.  Once you are there click on the Red button on the top right corner - POWER IMPORT. As you do that you reach the Power Import Page. 

  4. Before uploading ensure you have data in your CSV file, there are only 3 fields mandatory (Name, Phone & Notes) while you can add more which are imported in your calling list. 

  5.  Give a Name to your calling list and choose the CSV file to start with the import. As you click on upload file it will give you a prompt, please read it and click OK. 

    Power Import will import 100,000 records at one time and distribute them into multiple lists each of 2000 records. It will create the first list on the spot while the remaining lists will be created on a schedule and you are intimated via email once they are created. 

  6. Once Imported you are sent to a Field Mapping page where you can select which column in your CSV file corresponds to which field in the Calley system using dropdown values in front of the fields imported. 

  7. You can click on the Import Data Field at the bottom of the page to initiate List creation. 

  8. You can see the list created and available for Calling. 

If you face any challenges in the Power Import process do send us your CSV file on support@getcalley.com and we send you a video on what you need to do to get this right next time and each time. 

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