Can I use Calley in India, Philippines, USA, UK or Poland ?

Call I use Calley in USA or UK or Poland?

The answer to this is a Big YES!
Calley is an Autodialer app that is installed on top of your mobile phone. 
What it means is that it will help you dial the numbers automatically not from a Server but directly from your Mobile Handset (Android or iOS)

So if you are residing in USA or UK or Poland or in any part of the world you can use Calley ACD. 

Checkout the Getting Started Guide for Calley's Free Autodialer - 

If you need assistance in setting up and want to schedule a demo you can do that by visiting - 

Note: Since the calls are made from your Mobile Phone the number used is the same as the number in your sim card. Calley is supported on Dual Sim Phones too in case you wish to keep your personal and business phone number separate. 

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